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About Me

My name is Kim Hughes, I am a Recognised Birth Doula & Mentored Postnatal Doula and Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner.

I have three wonderful children Howard 2001, Vernon 2004 and Madigan 2009 - I had three completely different births and this is why I feel it is so important to learn about different choices and options that are available to you during pregnancy, labour and delivery.

A brief background

Other than being a mother of three, I also worked for a Catering Equipment company for 10 years - until being made redundant.  This is when I decided to pursue something I have always wanted to do, which was midwifery, until I found out about a Doula's.
I decided that I would rather become a Doula and give emotional support - which unfortunately the NHS is lacking in!
I believe that a Doula has a crucial role in giving emotional support before, during and after birthing. Obviously a midwife is medically trained and is a very important part of birthing, but I feel very strongly that the emotional support is the key to having a happier, calmer, easier pregnancy and birth for both mother and baby. The same also goes for having emotional support with your newborn, this is something that is not offered in the NHS, but so many people would benefit from having this support and comfort available to them. This is what I can offer as a doula, to expectant parents.

Doula Course - with Nurturing Birth (February 2007) 
Doula UK Member - (Since June 2007)
HypnoBirthing Course - The Mongan Method (March 2007)
Birth Crisis Workshop - Sheila Kitzinger (April 2007)
Breast Feeding Workshop - with Lyn Scazafabo (May 2007)
Rebozo Workshop - with Stacia Smales Hill (May 2011)
Homeopathy for Childbirth - with Marcela Holmes (November 2011)
The Sexual Experience of Birth Workshop - with Sheila Kitzinger (October 2012)

As a Doula, the more experience and knowledge I can gain, the more I can offer in my role, to provide information and guidence to the best of my ability.

The reason I became a Doula is because I have a real passion and interest in pregnancy, birth and children. I believe that pregnancy and birth are and can be a very natural experience, although we never know what circumstances can change this. As a doula I am fully aware of different circumstances that can change during this special time and would help you and your family with these choices or decisions - so you can have the pregnacy and birth you deserve. 
This is such an amazing and individual time I believe that both, mother and family should be able to enjoy every minute of their pregnancy, birth and early days - employing a Doula can help you to achieve this.

M a day old

Me with V, 3 days old.


Beauty of Birth, Lambourn, Berkshire, RG17 8YQ.